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The Final Life and Testament of the Being known as the Apostle Peter

7-Lost Forever

Some things are lost forever and you just can’t get them back, no matter how hard you try.

After all, everything changes and change is the one thing you can be sure of, or so say the wise ones. Simply knowing that bit of wisdom does not make the work of accepting loss that much easier, though it does sometimes get easier with practice.

During my lifetime, I have let go of many things. Some were harder than others to let go. For some reason, this situation was one of the hard ones, though certainly not the hardest, by far.

A few days ago I woke up at 1 am with a troubled mind.

The article that I had finished writing and intended to post for the past couple of months now seemed inappropriate.

The original post was about my past and why I had come to the conclusion that the universe is trying to communicate with us and many other topics.

Knowing however, that the things happening now in the world were really getting critical, I thought it would be better to write something about the present and possibly the future.

That is, if we have much of one.

Unknown to me in that moment was the fact that I was about to find out that something quite profound was trying to communicate with me in the present.

After struggling with many different ideas and wordings for an hour and not progressing in my search for a new article, I got up and after meditating for three hours, I knew what I was going to write.

I am not a professional writer, so I don’t do much writing.

Just doing the posts that I’ve done lately on this site was quite a bit of work for me. I’m a slow typist because I never learned how to touch type and I usually struggle quite a bit trying to communicate in words things that no words can really describe very well.

But, for the next 10 hours I wrote like I’d never written before and when I was done I really liked what I had written. I think it was the best piece I’d ever done and of course I saved it and I backed it up to an external hard drive.

So, when I opened that document a short time later to post it, I was beyond surprised when it wasn’t there.  The back up was blank also.

The article had simply disappeared.

I spent the next two hours trying to recover it and apparently, even though they say that nothing ever really gets deleted from a computer, I would like to disagree.

I also lost my steam.

I was really disgusted and angry with the word app on my computer.

It had malfunctioned and lost 10 hours of work that had taken place in this most unusual and to me inspiring way. I felt as though life had reached out to me with this wonderful bit of understanding and I had lost it.

After a time of mourning and regret though, I tried to rewrite what I’d lost, but it just wouldn’t happen; I drew a blank. I struggled to remember what I had written and how it was put together, but I just couldn’t make it happen again. The document was really gone forever.

The next two nights I woke up at the same time, though not on purpose, and I tried to recapture what was lost, all to no avail. I did however manage to exhaust myself in the process. Now after a good night’s sleep I’m back at it again but I’ll just have to start over in a less inspired and more mundane way.

It’s been said that it’s not over till the lady sings.

In this case I think the song might go, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”.

Well folks, she’s singing loud and clear now and the song she’s singing isn’t a very beautiful one.

What I had lost in the past, including the article I just mentioned, pales in comparison to the loss that is taking place now.

Most of the life on earth that isn’t gone already will be before long, unless we at least try to stop it from happening.

Though I’m almost certain that given enough time the earth will birth many different life forms adapted to the new circumstances, man and many other life forms that now exist will be gone or greatly decimated.

The planet we live on has been overrun by a pest even worse then a hungry plague of locusts consuming everything in sight.

This new ravenous creature is called the human consumer and even though they have only been on the planet a very short time in comparison to many of the other species living here, they have had a more profound effect on everything than any other creature on earth.

It’s as though they are aliens on this planet.

They seem to have fallen out of the natural harmony of this planet adhered to by other forms of life.

The earth is now on the brink of multiple worldwide disasters many of them caused by humans, yet most humans seem to be turning a blind eye to the problem that’s right in front of them or even worse, violently denying that these problems exist.

They go about their lives with a business as usual attitude and it’s this business as usual that is destroying the earth.

There are now over 8 billion of us on earth and consumerism is using up all the worlds resources very quickly as well as poisoning everything.

On top of that you’ve got increasingly powerful viruses, hunger, thirst, wild fires, lack of shelter for many people, crazy weather, and even crazier politicians and wealthy people running around doing their insane trip.

The fact is we have been lied to for thousands of years.

These lies, telling you how you are to view life, who or what you are, nationally, religiously, and gender identity wise are implanted in us in childhood and unless we work at freeing ourselves from them, we will be bound by their illusions for the rest of our lives.

Now, you may ask who would do this to us?

The answer of course is someone or ones who would gain from the situation. Considering that the lies cover almost everything in life, there are a number of people and organizations, (the wealthy, corporations, governments, and religions come to mind), who prosper from this deceit.

Of course as usual you just have to follow the money.

Wealth equals power, so the wealthy and powerful benefit.

They really do own everything including you.

All of life is set up by them for their gain and your loss.

Over 8 billion people ruled by a few lying megalomaniacs.

What a fix we find ourselves in.

We are but slaves to tyrants, who usually claim that they were given this authority over us by some God or because wealth, dna or some other made up lying nonsense made them leaders and that by law they had the right to run everybody’s life for them.

It has been proven many times over that just because someone has figured out how to make money, doesn’t mean they know how to run anything except the money scam that they run on us.

It certainly does not entitle them to run or make them knowledgable in how to run, other peoples lives, or towns, cities, countries, or a whole planet.

Life is not a business!

It is meant to be freely lived not enslaved to some perverted senseless ideas that don’t truely benefit you.

Money can’t buy you anything really worthwhile.

We could be living in wonder and awe of life every day instead of being enslaved in a life we didn’t ask for and so dead tired from over work and poisoning of our bodies from modern life that we barely have enough energy to notice all the beauty that surrounds us in nature.

Of course that’s only IF you are rich enough to have some real un-manicured wild nature near by.

Real life has been so well reframed that all a lot of people experience is some type of hypnotic hallucination their entire lives.

Most of us see exactly what the overlords want us to see.

“Just keep your eye on that new car or whatever else we want to sell you, so you can feed the greedy desire that we planted inside you with our lies and in return you will fill our pockets to bursting with gold, but look not on all the hunger, poverty, poisons and damage you cause in order to have that car, trinket, or whatever else it is that you think will satisfy your wandering desires.”

This is how it’s set up and these are common tricks that are used throughout our consumerist society to keep you in your place, and not trying to change the way they set it all up.

Then of course there is politics, religion, education, and just the way you see life itself in general, that have all been throughly fabricated for the most part out of thin air.

This site is about “spiritual” things so for now anyway I would like to go on with that side of things.

I contend that everything you do is spiritual because everything is done in one type of spirit or another.

Every thought and every action that you have is reflected here on earth by what happens in life.

Life exists in frequencies.

Everything has a vibrational pattern that gives it life.

We see this clearly in music and visual arts.

In music it’s the different frequencies of notes, cords, and harmonies that gives it power in sound.

In visual arts its the frequencies of light, shadow and color that provide the power in sight.

Love, fear, and hate also have their own unique frequencies/vibration/vibe.

World wide the vibrations of fear, hate and violence are creating war, hunger, pestilence, rape, torture, and terror in many places.

In areas where love is the prevailing vibe, kindness, peace, caring and harmony are more common.

Vibes are both spiritual (invisible, emotional, positive or negtive) energy and physical (visible, actionable, positive or negative) energy.

They are the pulsations of life itself.

They are both particle and wave, positive/negative, on/off, and light/darkness.  Together they make up the All of life.

They have existed from the very beginning, and nothing that exists can exist without them.  We all live in our very own frequencies made up of everything we do, think or say.  These frequencies truly are the keys to heaven and hell.

The heaven and hell I am talking about is not the same as the christian ones that seem to be some undetermined place that we go to after death.

What I mean is that we create these states of consciousness within ourselves and of course they extend into the outer world that you see around you.

If more people had compassion, empathy, and kindness towards others, this would be a very different world.

Instead we have a bunch of jackasses running things and turning/tuning the whole globe into a violent wasteland.

Threats of nuclear war, societal and ecological collapse, famine and pestilence all cause a very bad vibe to exist.

That bad vibe is caused by the people that perpetuate that type of deeply negative inner vibrational being and push it out onto the world through their actions.

That way of being is truely hell on earth.

I repeat and will repeate many more times as I write posts: heaven and hell are not places you go to after you die.

They are states of being in the here and now, inside/outside of you.

Heavenly states come about by the same means as hellish ones, but the heavenly/good /loving/peaceful vibes are created in the world and ourselves when we live our lives in love, caring about life, and peace.

We have created this negative situation here on earth by allowing these few “leaders”, that only know how to make money and be greedy, run the world.  This kind of understanding about what life really is, that is, life without believing their lies, scares the crap out of them and so they must maintain the lies at all costs.

If 8 billion people start to see through their lies and stop cooperating with their system they would be dethroned.

There are many types of greed but truely the LOVE of money is the root of most evil.

If you find yourself praising, admiring, envying, thinking highly of or wanting to be like the people who are destructive and harmful in the way that they live their lives, you too have been conned onto a slave/master illusion by their falsehoods.

Now we will consider Vibes in a slightly different way.

That is how they effect you in other ways like your lifespan.

Some vibrations last longer than others.

A human body will vibrate for at most a little over 100 years and then it stops. That is very apparent by how long we live in this life time.

There is another idea that deserves consideration, and that is in the area of how long the vibe you are riding on/in this life time may go on after “your” body’s death and the possibility of it inhabiting another earth body in a different time vibe, and yes time is also a vibration.

Is it possible that we, meaning our extended life force vibe, that made us alive, not our present lifetime personality/ego vibe which could be just a weaker vibe inside a stronger vibe, might have existed in the past and continue on after this body we now have dies?

This is simular to how different strengths of current can be inside larger currents of water in the ocean or river or in the air varying currents in the wind or for that matter radio frequencies inside carrier waves or photons in light.

If this is so than once the balance that allowed humans to exist disappears so to would any ability to reincarnate as a human being again.

What a monumental waste of all the energy and years that it took life to produce such a remarkable instrument of perception that is the human being.

A flesh and blood creature that can perceive the All.

Not too keen on coming back as a cockroach?

Then please do whatever you can to stop consuming so many non-essential goods.

Start to share your compassion, empathy, love, kindness, and peace with the people around you and beyond.

We need to throw fear/greed/hate and violence out of our lives and find new ways to live peaceful, earth sharing lives while we vibrate here!

There many things you/we can do to stop this planetcide.

Act now.

The earth is in need of Saviors!


You don’t have to wait “till its gone” to value life on earth!