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The Final Life and Testament of the Being known as the Apostle Peter

6-Words Have the Power to Create and to Destroy!

Words, ideas and images have great power.

Words are used to create both ideas and images in the mind.

They can tell a story, real or imagined, true or false.

Every day, words are used to inform, encourage,and heal.

They are also used to confuse, hurt, and deceive people.

Lying is such a common use for words that most people don’t even realize how their whole lives have been lived in the middle of one very large lie/illusion made up of many small ones.

We are like fish surrounded by water and not being able to see that water.

We have been told since we were children by everyone around us how we are to see the world we live in, and even though what people tell you is often erroneous, we tend to believe it to be true.

Most people have these beliefs implanted/programed into them at a very young age.

Some people question or disbelieve this tale we’re told; it appears most folks do not.

There is an old story, whether fact or fiction I do not know, about a man that some call Jesus.

It is said that he did question the authority of the things he was told, how to see life and god.

Apparently he saw something quite different than most of the people around him.

As the story goes, he saw God as Love, Mercy, Peace and Forgiveness.

He saw Love is the only way to save people from the lie that life has to be based on fear, greed, hatred, and violence.

He saw how different the world could be if we learned to love each other. He seemed to believe that Love/God is the All of Life and that all things exist only in the living God/Life and We are one with it All.

Such a simple message even a child can understand it.

It is said many people loved him for this message, but the “authorities” hated him for, as they saw it, challenging their power, which was based on what he saw as a lie.

He did not see a god of fear, anger, vengeance, hate, greed, separation, and damnation.  But they did.

First the “authorities” got rid of him.

Then they proceeded to corrupt and change that simple message into one of the most convoluted religions that has ever existed and that now stands in direct opposition to everything for which Jesus stood.

The words and ideas of that religion divide people into many factions and denominations that bear the bitter fruit of their lies: hate, fear, murder, greed, and more.

A religion that loves trinkets, money, and illusion more than the Living Spirit of Love and Life.

The story says he was killed for his views and words; yet, the spirit of those words and ideas still live on to this day in sayings, like “Love works: Fear don’t.”, song lyrics such as “All you need is Love”, “give Peace a chance”, and the civil rights, love and peace “hippies”, and save the planet social movements.

Of course the “authorities” of this day and age and those who believe in them have killed and persecuted many of the people involved in the modern interpretation of these words and ideas.

What kind of world do you want to see and live in?

What kind of words do you use to guide your life?

What spirit are you living life in?

Are you seeing that which is real or only that which is illusion?

Do you love life and the living earth, our beautiful home that Life gave us to live on and share with all of life, or just see it as a treasure box to be plundered?

Do you follow the path of of love, peace, healing and giving to others, or do you follow the path of hate fear, violence and taking from others?

Jesus reportedly said that heaven is found within and that it’s not found by looking elsewhere.

If you have love and peace in your heart, you are already in heaven.

If you have fear, greed, and hate inside, you are already in hell.

Heaven and hell are not some place you go after you die.

You are already in heaven or hell depending on which spirit or emotion you allow within yourself.

You carry one or the other in and with you wherever, whenever you go.

It’s been written that Jesus said many would not do the one thing he asked them to do: Love every one as well as yourself, just love each other.

We need beliefs that include rather than exclude people, now more than ever before.  Planet Earth and everything on it is having an existential crisis, and unless we start to practice loving kindness with each other and all other forms of life, humans and much of life as we know it will surely perish because of the way we have greedily consumed and abused it.

We have no place else to go.

We desperately need to heal this planet, NOW!

You reap in the spirit what you sow in the spirit.

Love is the only thing that saves you from the hell of fear and hatred.

Being loving and peaceful toward each other is how to create heaven on earth and any place else you may find yourself.  This is a challenge that you must face every moment, the choice between Life/Love/Sharing and death/hate/greed.

May You always choose to live in the Light of Love and Peace!