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The Final Life and Testament of the Being known as the Apostle Peter


The honest answer is I don’t know.

The past is gone and who or what I was is gone with it.

I am always changing into now and never the same again.

I am now!


I have spent many years in wonder, amazement and awe, contemplating life. That led to the profound understanding that we really do not know anything for certain about life except perhaps that it and everything you think you know is rapidly changing at this very moment and there is nothing that you can really hold on to or be certain about.

This is one of the truths of life and if you can come to peace with that truth, you find that you are reborn into a new world.

Most of the time that we are awake(?), we are running some kind of dialogue, or reliving some past event, or envisioning a future event in our head. Doing that prevents us from being in the here and now.

These inner dialogues and inner mental visuals hypnotize us into seeing a world that really is not here.

It’s a world made up of all the Crap you received throughout your life from almost everyone else in their tranced state, as well as your own experiences and thoughts.

Crap is a technical term that refers to all the programmings, indoctrinations, dogmas, life views, past experiences in short every thing you think,everything you think you know, and every belief you cling to about life.

That world we make up is an illusion we keep going because we just cannot stand the truth, which is we really don’t know anything for certain. This thought scares most people so much, if they even get near it, they just keep the illusion going at whatever cost.

This new world you see when not in a trance is not such a mystery or scary. It is the world of “chop wood, carry water” that is always here when we are not tranced.  It can be a very life full and peaceful space.

Science. politics, religion and daily life are filled with ideas that are always changing yet claiming stability.  If anything is known for certain they should be able to prove that what is known is known for certain. Can they do this? No. So why base our lives on these deceptions? Some of these ideas can be useful at times but always keep in mind that things change over time and so can the mind. What is considered fact one day can be found erroneous the next.

The personal situations in past time that influenced what is now can at times be spoken of, if need be, to give an example perhaps. But, it must be said that anything spoken of in this manner would probably have to be framed as a story, stories put us back into a trance state and it would be a story, not the truth.

This life has been/is a terrible struggle, with many personal failures, falls and shortcomings. Having to pick up and start over again and again.

This life has been/is the most wonderful, beautiful, and unexpected of events.

A real privilage to have experienced.

What was learned from all of that is shared here, as simple and straightforward as possible.

Clear Mind: No CRAP* in the head to filter and frame life through.

No safety net to fall into. A mind that is truly free.

This truth will make you free.

Warm Heart: Loving, compassionate, caring about all life as much as you care about yours, treating others as you would like to be treated, harmless, helpful, and non-aggressive.

Bring and Be Peace on Earth.

This means: NO killing no matter what the excuse including any excuse used for war, especially ones like God or Jesus, or Whoever, told me to, or it was “O.K.” to do so.

The one exception to this rule, MAYBE, is the defence of yourself or innocents against the violent aggression of attackers. Even then one must be very carefull how this is applied.

Oh! By the way, in this writers opinion, if you kill and terrorize 180,000- 800,000? innocent people, who were mostly women, children, the old and infirm, you are not made less evil, less of a terrorest, or less of a mass killer yourself by calling someone who has killed 3-4,000 innocent people, evil, a terrorist or a mass murderer, in other words there is no excuse for killing others, even if it’s done by proxy.

No stealing, including that done lately, worldwide, by politicians in the name of recovery, bankers in the name of anything they can think of, so called real estate agents who sell this earth to the highest bidder when this earth is given to all life freely, and businesses, including the stock market and such, with a list of theft and human abuse too long to mention and any other type of theft perpetuated on people.

Although as things stand today at least theft by poor people to obtain the most basic needs of life is understandable and forgivable, the outrageous greed of the rich is not.

A few world masters and the rest of humanity their slaves seems to be the way they want the world to be.

Is that really the sort of world you want to live in?

What about the children of today and their lives and the children they have?

Stop being a slave and turn your back on the master.

You can Live for the Love of Life, also known as the ALL/God/YHWH/etc and live in the spirit/vibration/reality/heaven of that “love of life”.

You can live life in the spirit/vibration/reality/hell of, fear of life, greed, and hate.

The choice is yours but you can’t do both!

Life is not a business to be bought and sold.

Life is awesome/precious and meant to be lived in a sacred/respectful manner.

STOP ALL BUSINESS AS USUAL attitudes, actions and activities.



At this moment in time I can truly say to the people of this planet LOVE ALL or PERISH!

*CRAP – Critical and/or Repetitive-Articulation and Picturing. Basically all the chatter and visualizing continually taking place in the mind.