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The Final Life and Testament of the Being known as the Apostle Peter

4-The Secret of Life

Find the meaning and purpose of your Life.

This document is written with the intent of saving you many years of hard work sorting out the true meaning of life from the false.

The most honest thing is not to write this because words are not the truth.

However a friend once told me, “we need the words”.

What follows is the distillation of a lifetime search for truth and the meaning of life.

The first thing to remember is: No human has ever discovered anything absolutely definitive about what life is, its purpose or meaning, no matter what they claim.

I do not say this without having first thoroughly investigated the matter.  To simply be with life without some illusion about it is just too hard for most people.

Many would like something they can cling to for comfort. Some doctrine, dogma, or philosophy they can live by and be sure of.

In the end there is nothing that holds up to real scrutiny.

Your meaning and purpose has nothing to do with these things.

It is not about what you do with your life or what you think about it. It is not your job, what you possess, what you think, or who or what you think you are.

The real meaning is very simple.

The second is: Do not waste your money on programs or books.


Reread the first thing to remember.

They can also be addictive and are usually some form of avoidance, distracting you from the real practice.

They really may not help and may even confuse you more thereby doing more harm where good was intended.

Programs and books about this subject are usually for the purpose of financial and/or ego gain.

This brings us to the third thing to remember: The real truth and meaning of life cannot be bought or sold, nor does it promote ego in any way.

So, if you are paying for it or if ego or cult of personality is involved, you are not with truth but are being deceived with some lie that has been disguised as truth.

This is done by taking some lie and misinterpreting it into seeming truth through the use of convoluted language and images.

Some small part of truth and a lot of rhetoric can be used in a similar way there-by turning the truth into a lie that seems like the truth.

Government, religious and corporate double-talk are good examples of this.

You can find the purpose and meaning of Life on your own by using Life itself to guide you.

You are an interdependent part of life, indeed integral with and to life.

Life is an intelligent and communicative force.

These forces are within you and all around you if you open yourself to life and see.

Life can and does communicate with you and you can communicate with life. Always remember, Life is not just objective and impersonal, though it may sometimes seem that way to you, it is also personal and subjective. If this were not so than there would not be anything personal (like you for instance) and I believe that it is fairly obvious that things can get all too personal at times.

You exist and are personal; therefore there is a personal side to life and that is the side you are trying to communicate with. It is that side, once you finally learn life’s language, which can reveal meaning to you.

All you have to do to communicate with life is: Go within yourself and ask, with all the power of a full heart, to understand.

In other words you really have to emotionally mean it.

You know, really cry out with all your heart, like it really matters, which of course, in my opinion, it does.

Use this emotional feeling to power or project this question about meaning and purpose into the life force, to push it, as it were, out there/in here.

It is almost like giving birth.

Hard to explain but you will know when you get it right because you will begin to get a response of some sort from life. You will also just know inside yourself. The more you feel and mean it, the more powerful and sure your answer will be. Life will even respond to a weak and broken attempt if made truly with the heart.

To really “hear” life answer, quiet the mind from its constant chatter by using whatever process works for you.  Usually some form of meditation or relaxation technique will do.  Now, just be with life in this way until the point when you are truly ready to receive this most precious gift.  Life will open up for you, you will understand in a very profound way the meaning of it all.

Be patient. IT could happen the first time, but it usually takes longer.

In any case IT will happen. Life really does want to communicate with you.

Do not expect a voice to answer you. Although this can and does happen, and in a few cases may be the preferred method, in this society it is usually considered to be an illness and can cause you some difficulty. If you do hear a quiet inner voice, it will say things in a way that is different from the voice  you normally talk to yourself in, and the content will be of a higher insight and  peaceful vibrational order. This inner voice will never tell you to do any thing harmful to yourself or others.

If it does, do not listen to it and go back to your peaceful place.

There are other ways life can answer that do not have the stigma of hearing a voice. Many times it will answer in multiple ways to make sure you get it.  Life can communicate with you through deep understandings, “ah ha” moments if you will, also moments of deep peace, profound feelings, vibrations, thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Another way life “speaks” to you is the situations of your life. Pay attention to the things that happen to you and around you after asking, as they may contain guidance and/or the answer you are seeking.  Beyond all of that, you will begin to want to live life for life itself.

You will truly understand the purpose and meaning of life is life itself, to just be in and with the wonder and mystery of life itself.

Just reading this is not enough. It is just words and ideas.

You have to have the experience yourself or it is not truth.

This does not mean you will be able to intellectually or verbally explain it to yourself or anyone else.

You will know the truth as well as the meaning and purpose of life, and you will have the peace at that point to know that explanations really do not matter.

It really is up to you.

No one else can do it for you, and you will not get it through books, seminars or teachers.

Life is you.

You are Life.

Trust Life.

Trust Yourself.

Be Kind.

Be Harmless.

Be at peace with your true self and everyone else.

Live your answer.

Love All Life.

Dedicated to sharing truth freely with all humankind. Everything expressed here is my own opinion and personal experience. I have spent my entire life studying and practicing many religious, spiritual, and philosophical disciplines. Within this article is what I have found to be the truth about the purpose and meaning of life. May Love and Peace be with you and guide you always, y